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Transportation & Equipment Rental

Our Equipment Rental Division is dedicated to offering high-quality rental services throughout the Kingdom. Through our specialist section, we provide 24-hour emergency service, protection against equipment damage or maintenance, and complete rental solutions. Our equipment is carefully maintained to the highest standards and has been recognized by the Kingdom's different testing authorities.

LANSCO Rental Division is committed to providing the highest quality rental services in the Kingdom. Our equipment fleet ranges from forklift to heavy equipment.

You can always hire with confidence from LANSCO Rentals; we’ll provide what you need and when you need it.

We offer 24- hour emergency service, protection against equipment damage or maintenance, and comprehensive rental solutions through our specialized division.

Our equipment is well maintained with the highest quality standards and have accreditation from various testing authorities in the Kingdom.

Our dedicated Service Engineers continuously check and troubleshoot to minimize our equipment’s downtime. Our operators are trained to act in accordance with strict safety standards by our Engineers and HSE Experts.

Our Rental Division is dedicated to offering high-quality services throughout the Kingdom. We provide 24-hour emergency assistance, equipment damage protection, and extensive rental solutions.

Services Offering

Short or Long Term Rental

Customised Rental Programs

Fast Mobilization

24/7 Emergency Services

Specialised Equipment Services

Safety Training Programs

LANSCO’s Equipment Services department takes pride and guarantee a professional working relationship and ensure the optimum quality of service for every job we undertake. Our fleet consists of the latest model of equipment ready to serve your needs.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Highway - We have the top-quality skid street loader for the job. Our hard-working skid steer loaders are ready to haul, lift, dump dig push, sweep, you name it.