Production Vessel Specification

Deck Outfitting & Ancillary

Cranes, Bollards & chocks, Lite saving equipment, Fire-fighting equipment, Accommodations, Sanitary system, HVAC, Compressed air system, Cooling system, Diesel storage, Wastewater treatment facilities, Lighting system, Maintenance Workshop & Facilities, etc

Major Equipment (Process)

  • Seawater intake screen & pumping system

  • Ultrafiltration system

  • Seawater RO system

  • Energy recovery system

  • Brine reject & waste water discharge

  • Brackish water RO system

  • Treated water pumping station

  • Chemical clean-in-place system

  • MCC (Motor control centre) room

  • Process monitoring & control room

  • Ancillary support system & Storage tank

The details of the barges are shown in the following table.